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Message from our Food Team:


Welcome to OSA Convention 2018!!

Our Food team has enthusiastically started the preparations and are really excited to present you with a preview of what you might expect. The wide varieties of food in 2018 convention is so carefully chosen that our guests will reminisce the food for a long time.

We will serve food to please everyone’s palate. Whatever maybe your taste, we have just the thing for you. We will have Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Vegan, Foods without onion and garlic from Iskcon, Gluten free and much more.

We cannot discuss Odia food and not mention the street food that all of us grew up with, enjoying Chatpatti Cuttacki Chaat, Spicy Gupchup, Baripada Jhal Mudhi…

  chaat  golgappa  JhaalMudi

I am sure that is enough to stimulate your taste buds, but we have more…Pakhala Bhata, Badi chura, Saga Bhaja, Machha Bhaja, Chingudi jholo...

  sagaBhaja  MachaBhaja  Chingudi

All of you sweet lovers will not be disappointed. Be ready to be transported to dessert heaven with Crispy Kakara pitha, Arisha Pitha, Puri gaja, Cool and refreshing Mitha Dahi, lip smacking Chum Chum to name a few…

  Kakara  Arisha  gaja  chumchum

We have not forgotten our theme, “Bridging the Generations” . For all of you with an international taste, our Italian, Mexican and Chinese cuisine is sure to please you.

  Pasta  Mexican  noodles

Atithi Devo Bhava!!

food_thumbnail   Click Image for Tentative food menu

Krushna, Maitreyi and the rest of our Food Team

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