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Mehfil Guidelines

1. Who can participate in the Mehfil?
Members must be 18 or older and registered for OSA convention, Detroit, 2018 to be eligible to sign up and meet all submission deadlines. All registered members are welcome to attend the event. 

2. Can I still participate in the Mehfil if I register on the spot on day of convention (on July 5th 2018)?
Yes, you need to contact Mehfil committee chair or co-chair as soon as possible after you complete registration. Make sure you have the required audio and video files available on the recommended format to sign up for participation. Your participation is subject to time availability. 

3. Do I get to choose my preferred days and type of performances: solo or group?
Yes, you can choose when you want to perform, whether solo or group and the particular item/s you or your group would like to perform. Mehfil team will confirm your participation according to availability. The members of the Michigan chapter are not allowed solo participation. All host chapter participants will be contacted promptly to discuss their performances and will be assigned to a group. We are encouraging group participation for all members due to limited time availability. 

4. How to sign up for Mehfil and when is the deadline for submission of sign up form?
Participation in the Mehfil is on a first come first basis. Please fill out the participation sign up form after you have registered for the convention with a small description and title of your item. Please provide the number of microphones and other equipment needed. Completed sign up form must be received before midnight of April15th, 2018 from Michigan chapter members and by midnight of April 30th, 2018 for all others. You will receive an auto confirmation of your submission. Please contact us immediately if you do not. 

5. When and how should I send the music track or video file?
Make sure your music track (mp3 format only) and video (mp4 format only) are emailed to us before midnight of May 31st 2018.

6. Can I make any changes to my sign up or cancel my participation?
Yes, you can make changes one time and request cancellation by sending an email on or before mid night of June 10th, 2018.

7. When do I expect confirmation about my participation?
We will send you an email confirmation and contact you to discuss about your participation before midnight of June 15th, 2018. 

8. What is best way to contact the Mehfil team? 
For you convenience all questions, correspondence, and submissions can be done using – Email: 

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