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Artists for the 49th OSA Convention 2018

Saswata Saswat Joshi is an internationally acclaimed Odissi dancer, Chreographer and dance educator. In Saswat Joshi and team, this year we are presenting an exceptional, multifaceted performing team. Mr. Joshi is not only skilled in traditional Odishi, but also happen to be an exponent and brand-ambassador for Sambalpuri folk dance. He has been a torchbearer in spreading the folk dance, nationally as well as Internationally.
He has served as a judge in the popular TV reality show “Dance Odisha Dance”, currently he is part of multiple dance related Odia TV programs. Aside from these substantial accomplishments, he has also done choreography in Odia as well Hindi movies.

BishnuWe have invited two extreme musical talents this year, Both Bishnu Mohan Kabi and Pragyan Prasmita Hota, are classically trained from childhood, winner of “Voice of Odisha – Singing Reality Show”, winner of multiple state awards and have performed nationally as well as internationally.

Currently both Mr. Kabi and Ms. Hota are the leading playback singers in Odia Movie Industry, with numerous film credits.
The accompanying instrumental artists are extremely versatile and skilled on their specific instruments and are regular performers in the Ollywood Music Industry.


Satyabrata Tripathy
, fondly known as Kuna Tripathy, is leading standup comedian, long time TV show host and movie actor. He is a master of different dialects of Odisha and his witty comedy never fails to tickle audience mind and entertain them.

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