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Message from our Sports Team...

Sports activity on a weekend of convention merry making? Skeptical ? Don’t be. Since the inception of the idea at 2015 Ohio convention, it has been a pretty popular and successful diversion to look forward to a subsequent conventions.

This year at the 49th Detroit convention we are really excited to plan a multitude of sports landscape for our attendees to partake on. Be it Carrom doubles or T-ball Cricket or Table Tennis(TT), last of not the least the ever popular Card game ‘29’. We hope these fun competitions will help you to feel more relaxed, make new friends and prove to be an appetizing complement to other rich cultural activities we all are going to be part of.

The Participation form for each of the games will be available shortly at the convention site. Aside from cricket, all other games will be restricted to Doubles team only. If you are not sure of a partner, we can help finding one for you at the convention, do indicate so in the form. As you can imagine the places will be limited so we will much appreciate if you can fill up the participation form at the earliest.

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