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Message from our Youth Team...

Hello Oriya Youth and Young Adults of America,

We look forward excitedly to seeing you all, at the 49th OSA Convention to be held in Michigan, from July 5th to July 7th 2018.

We are taking measures to ensure that the three days you spend here, will create wonderful memories/ friends for a lifetime. Our youth committee includes an enthusiastic team of Oriya youth and young adults of Michigan, who are designing a convention, with a variety of activities, that are tailored to meet the expectations of every age group and taste.  

You can start your day off with Zumba/Yoga or hit the Gym at the hotel. For those of you interested in garnering information/skills, we are planning on Seminars just right for you. We do have our usual Talent Shows and Prime Time Cultural Extravaganza, which, of course, you will be a big part of.

Evenings will include, Pool Party, Movies, Stand Up Comedy,Cruise ,Tour to Ford Rouge Factory/Henry Ford Museum , DJ Nights and more. We will also be conducting Competitive Sporting events for our energetic youngsters.

The food has been designed keeping diverse taste buds in mind, from the diehard Oriya foodies to the ones with more International palates.

More information will be coming up soon, so do keep visiting our page for more exciting details….

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Youth Committee,
Lyuda & Mona

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