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The Team and the Charter

The theme for 2018 OSA Convention is "Bridging Generations". The Youth Committee Team has taken this theme to heart and is working hard to ensure that youth of all ages will find a variety of events tailored to their myriad talents and interests.

Our Mission and Our Objectives

Create and deliver a socially and culturally enriching experience for children, teens and young adults that they will remember and cherish for a lifetime.

Our charter includes the following objectives.

  • Deliver engaging events for youth members of all age categories on all days of the convention.
  • Create a platform for children and young adults to showcase their talent.
  • Create opportunities to develop new friendships and strengthen existing relations.
  • Create an avenue for children and young adults to celebrate Odia heritage and foster pride in cultural roots.
  • Develop a 360 degree appreciation of complete identity as Odia-Indo-American citizen.

Our Target Audience

Our team is formed to serve all members who belong to the following age categories.

  • Pre-Teens: All children between and including ages 4 years to 12 years of age
  • Teens: All children between and including ages 13 years and 17 years old
  • Young Adults: All youth between and including ages 18 years old and 29 years old

The Team

Our youth committee includes an enthusiastic group of individuals who are proud of their Odia heritage. They bring a passion to serve the youth and represent a variety of interests.

Poonam Panda Lyudmila Mishra  
 Poonam Panda   Lyudmila Mishra  
Youth Chair Adult Chair  
Poonam is a student of Optometry at Ohio State College of Optometry in Columbus, Ohio. She was born and raised in the US and is third generation Odia but she understands the essense of the Odia identity and has woven that into her effervescent, vivacious and steadfast "Made in Detroit" personality.

Poonam is the grand daughter of our very esteemed Dr Bishnu Joshi and Late Mrs Pravabati Joshi from Nashville, TN. She is the daughter of our beloved Dr Jogesh Panda and Mrs Smriti Panda from Salem, MI. 

Poonam exemplifies the values that her lineage is known for - quest for knowledge and spiritual understanding, service to the community, and humility coupled with self-confidence and pride in being Odia. The children of OSA Michigan look up to Poonam and the parents consider her a role model for their kids. 
 Lyudmila is a IT professional, a mother of two teenage daughters and an active volunteer in OSA Michigan Chapter since early 2000. 

She is a proud Odia who wishes to instill the appreciation of cultural heritage in the children of the community while nurturing their own identities.

Lyudmila's father served in the Navy, so she moved often as a child and was a perpetual "outsider". As a result, she developed a deep appreciation of what open, accepting societies look like, what the value of culture is in one's identity, and how diversity in thinking can create enriched experiences. As an active contributor to the OSA community she strives to offer an environment where the children being raised in the Americas can freely develop their own unique blend of perspectives and celebrate their uniqueness, while remaining integrated in the American, Indian and Odia cultures.

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