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  • The Voices of OSA Youth

    07/05/2018   Hotel – Regency A

    Target Audience: Kids, High School Teens, College Teens, Young Adults
    Description: A night full of crack up jokes, melodious tunes, melliflous voices and musical talents.

    The evening is designed to run as a Karaoke and Open Microphone Party. Got a song you love to croon? Bring it's background karaoke track, or see if it is on the prepared karaoke list, or just belt it out using your own vocal prowess.  Or better yet, bring out that guitar or keyboard. Or do you have a few jokes that you want to share? Well, bring them on too! This crowd just loves to smile, sing, laugh and have a great time. So grab the mike, and have a great time. 

  • Youth Pool Party

    07/05/2018   Hotel Pool Area

    Target Audience: Kids, High-School Teens (KIDS 12 AND UNDER MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT)
    Description: Casual affair with music, games such as ring toss, bean toss, beach ball bounce, etc.

  • Young Adult Mixer

    07/05/2018  10:00 pm Hotel – Regency B

    Recommended Age: 21+
    : Casual interaction between young Oriya Adults from all over the United States. Cousins and friends meeting and hanging out, creating new relationships, business networking, discussing mutual interest topics.

  • Samik Singh Competition

    07/06/2018   Hotel - Bugati/Royal

    Target Audience: Middle School and Above
    : Samik Singh Kalinga Youth Entrepreneurship Competition (SSKYEC) is an entrepreneurial program organized in collaboration with the Odisha Society of the Americas (OSA) with an objective to encourage and guide the youths of OSA community to participate in an educational based business plan competition in a way that the participants receives a first-hand experience in the preparation of business plan and eventually consider entrepreneurship as a possible career option. The competition was started in 2009 at the 40th OSA Convention held at Trenton, New Jersey and is conducted once a year. Since 2012, the competition is named after Late Samik Singh (son of Dr. Sujay Singh & Dr. Gita Singh). Samik Singh was an entrepreneur and was the founder of San Diego Biotech Journal and Protein Lounge. The competition has been made possible through generous financial support from Mr. Dan Mishra and Dr. Sujay Singh.

    Please visit the website below for more details/deadlines:

  • Visual Arts Competition

    07/06/2018  12:00 pm Ford PAC, Studio A

    Target Audience: 4 - 29 Years
    Youth Committee of 49th OSA Convention, Detroit, MI and OSA National Editorial Team are pleased to announce the First Annual OSA Youth Visual Arts Competition. This event is designed to serve as a platform for displaying talent in visual arts.

  • Youth Sports

    07/06/2018   Ford PAC  - Club 1 Room

    Target Audience: Middle School and Up
    Description: Table Tennis Tournament
    Got some energy to burn off or do you just love playing sports? Find your way to Ford PAC - Club 1 room, and sign up for table tennis/ping pong tournaments. One warning - you might think you got into a time machine 'coz you won't know how two whole hours flew by!

  • OSA Prom

    07/06/2018  10:00 pm Hotel Regency A & B Ballroom

    Target Audience: High School Teens, College Teens, Young Adults
    Description: Combines elements of After-Grammy/After-Oscar party and recreates a nostalgic high school prom like experience. Includes DJ music, and lots of awards including Prom King , Prom Queen, Prom Prince and Prom Princess.
    There is also a couples competition - find a NEW friend (can be of the same gender) and answer questions about each other correctly and win points. The couple with the highest points wins. 

  • Seminar - Non Traditional Careers

    07/07/2018  10:30 am Hotel - Bugati/Royal

    There are many careers to choose from.  Some are the traditional ‘safe’ careers and some are  non-traditional, off-the-beaten path careers. So how does one know what career is the best one for them?  Come and listen to the journey of Sunny Tripathy and Sonali Mishra and ask them questions about their challenges and successes. Sunny is an Indian-American writer and filmmaker who has had an interesting journey in finding his passion.  Sonali Mishra is an Odissi dancer who was raised in Michigan and decided to move to Orissa to pursue a career in dancing and pursue her dreams.  She currently travels all over India, Europe and U.S. dancing and teaching dance.  

  • Little Stars Talent Show

    07/07/2018   Ford Performing Arts - Auditorium

    Target Audience: 2-8 years (Age by June 2018)
    Age Categories:
    a. 2-5 years for Fancy Dress Show
    b. 4-8 years for Talent Show
    Description: Talent show for our little Oriya Kids. Can include singing, dancing, acting etc. Kid can participate in only one of the above category.

  • Henry Ford Museum Tour

    07/07/2018   Henry Ford Museum

    Target Audience: 9 and above (Kids younger than 9 will have to be accompanied by a parent)
    Description: Kids will be transported via bus from Ford Pac to Henry Ford Museum, after lunch.
    Cost: $20
    Register & Pay
    Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation allows you to experience the strides of America’s greatest minds while fully immersing yourself in their stories. Step inside the bus where Rosa Parks took a stand by taking a seat. Play pilot as you explore flight innovations, starting with the Wright brothers' achievements, or make yourself at home inside Buckminster Fuller’s circular Dymaxion House. Put yourself in the place of the movers and shakers who blazed the trail to where we stand today. And in doing so, discover your own path.

  • DJ Night

    07/07/2018  10:00 pm Hotel Regency A Ballroom

    Target Audience: High School Teens, College Teens, Young Adults
    Description: Dance till you drop with the best DJ in town. What better way to end the day/convention…

  • Movie Nights

    07/07/2018   Hotel - Seminar Room

    Target Audience: 15 and Under
    Dates: July 6th & 7th, 2018 at 9:30 PM
    Description: Sit back and relax with a friends after a long day...

  • OSA Youth Got Talent

    07/07/2018  10:00 am Ford PAC - Auditorium

    Target Audience: Ages 9 yrs and above (Age by June 2018)
    Description:  A high energy competition show designed to serve as a platform for displaying the performing arts talent of upper middle-school, high school, college students and young adult attendees. Each OSA Chapter will be encouraged from form performing arts teams to compete againts each other. OSA Chapters may send multiple teams. 

    Performing art categories include dance, singing, acting, martial arts, magic, etc.

  • Youth Speech/Vocabulary Competition

    07/07/2018  02:00 pm Ford PAC, Studio A

    Target Audience: 9-11 yrs, 12-15 yrs, 16-18 yrs  (English Speech),  9-12 (English Vocabulary), 13-21 (Odia Speech),
    Description: Three events based on number of registered attendees. Odia Speech/Vocabulary, English Speech competition. Topics will be given in advance.  

  • Young Adults Game Night

    07/07/2018  10:00 pm Hotel Regency B Ballroom

    Young Adults who are 21 and over are invited  to treat themselves to a Las Vegas night featuring deluxe gaming tables, including Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and Poker. Enjoy the excitement of the games with expert dealers to teach you the games and to help you win! Best part of it all, you get to enjoy all the excitement without gambling a single dime. To top it all off, enjoy live streaming DJ music who will take your requests! 

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